Fusion Healing Method

Integrating Acupressure, Energy Healing and Transpersonal Counselling for a Balanced Body and Mind

This is an ideal session choice for stress, chronic or acute pain, tension, sabatoge & beliefs, depression, grief and or to simply relax. A Fusion Healing Session can offer you a physical, emotional and spiritual awakening by bringing you back into your heart center and clearing old belief patterns. Each session meets your needs as a client and is tailored to your individual goal by drawing on acuprssure, energy helaing and counselling to relieve tension from the body and peace to the mind.





What is it?



Acupressure is acupuncture without needles. Applying finger pressure to acu-points along the body assists in easing muscular tension, increasing the circulation of blood and lymph, unwinding the fascia of the body, and can be held to release long standing beliefs and emotional conditions that manifest as chronic patterns in the body such as digestion and shoulder pain.


Energy Healing is a gentle emission and re-direction of energy in the body, drawing on principles of Medical Qi Gong & Reiki.



Counselling combines techniques of Transpersonal psychology, Family Systems Theory, NLP, Gestalt orientations and Psych-k®. Transpersonal counselling is centered on the spiritual aspects of human life and this is combined with Family Systems theory and who you became and the beliefs youve inherited within the family you grew up in. These counselling sessions work with you cognitively, psycho-spiritually, experientially and holistically.






What to expect

Each session is a deeply relaxing journey that guides the client through their struggle; whether physical, emotional or spiritual, and aligns their intention for healing. 


Sessions are fully clothed and include soothing pressure to acu-points, combined with intuitive guidance, and coaching techniques derived from principles of transpersonal psychology and somatic therapy. Each session works to support the client to relieve tension, pain, stress from the body and transform belief patterns for peace of mind. They are incredibly relaxing and deeply restorative as they bring you back into your heart and balance. 





Kind Words


" Its like a cross between Shiatsu, Reiki, massage and counselling - wow, thank you" Fi, Sat Nam institiute


" I just thought that I would check in with you after the session. I have kept a note pad by the bed just to write down words about how i am feeling. the words i have written down include the following : Calm, Lighter, Quiet, Peaceful , Less ruminating and Dwelling, Purged, Sleeping all night. Adria,  I cannot thank you enough. I really feel a shift in energy and feel so much better for it. I am blessed to have met you and appreciate your mastery." Annie  read other testimonials.. 





Session Rates

Hour $110

3 Sessions $300

Hour and Half $145  

3 Sessions $390

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Financial Support

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