Heart Centred Workshop

A Sacred journey of Qi Gong, Meditation & Healing


This 2.5 hour workshop includes Qi Gong for emotional freedom, In-Sight Meditation to access and transform sabatoging beliefs & Energy Healing to integrate and return to wholeness. This is a mini retreat that leads you on a journey into the heart and mind to unravel blocks and transform beliefs at a cellular level. 


BODY - In the beginning:

Your journey will begin with unlocking tension from the body in using Taoist Yoga techniques to invoke and balance ancient systems of healing. 



MIND - As we grow:

The day will continue with a sacred circle & healing, with an invitation to work with our struggle and identify our goals and what we are wanting to actually manifest in our lives from a heart space rather then from the head. We will explore the meaning of the Oracle, and the power of imagery as a portal into the psyche. This process is gentle and invites a deep healing around loss, self-sabatoge, clarity, abundance, love and or direction.



SPIRIT - The integration:

Insight-Meditations are channeled by spirit and take you, as the participant, on a deep journey within where there is an opportunity to work with your subconscious beliefs and transform them in a spiritual framework. You will be introduced to your angels and higher guidance through a guided meditation and the majestic healing properties of crystal singing bowls. Reprogramming your beliefs and transforming your life.



$55pp, Bring a friend $45pp