Counselling & Intuitive Coaching

 Supporting you to transfrom struggle and
return to wholeness
online or in-person


With over 12 years of experience as a healer, Adria provides a safe, intuitive and nurturing space to support you through stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, pregnancy loss, relationships, grief and loss. Her intention is to listen, to support and to explore your struggle with a loving, compassionate presence and invites opportunities for you to awaken to love, empowerment, clarity, peace and wholeness.



What is it

Adria’s counselling style combines techniques in Transpersonal psychology, Family Systems Theory, NLP and Gestalt orientations. Transpersonal counselling is centered on the spiritual aspects of human life and this is combined with Family Systems theory and who you became and the beliefs youve inherited within the family you grew up in. These counselling sessions work with you cognitively, psycho-spiritually, experientially and holistically.


The intention of each session is to empower you in your healing journey and support you in transforming fear to love.



 Understand your struggle, loss and personal goals
 Transform beliefs and resistance that limit you, find meaning
 Invite acceptance, understanding and empowerment.





What to expect


Deepening into one’s feelings can be both uncomfortable and liberating, and it is important to honor the courage and commitment it takes to step into one’s experience. Each session is a gradual exploration into your psyche, your body sense, and your family’s history and include both cognitive and experiential processes to transform beliefs and cellular memory attached to your struggle.



Although talk therapy alone can leave us feeling locked in our head, these sessions are unique in that we use the mind to take us deeper into the psyche by including all of you. In Taoist Shaman philsophy the mind, body and sprit are three parts of the whole. Borrowing on this training we will weave balance between your whole being to support your journey from struggle to wholeness, balance and peace.


Although these sessions are goal orientated, all of you is welcome, at any stage, in any state, and even to simply celebrate and integrate your wins.



 The difference between a mediocre life, and an extrarordinary life is knowing you are worthy of support.


Each session is nurtured by Adria's own personal dedication to living a more peaceful and joy filled life and the courage required to work with your shadow.  Although she has been fiercly independant and at times has felt resistance and shame in sharing her vulnerabilitys,  years of training have taught her that strength is found in asking for help, not 'figuring it out' on her own, and that feeling into the pain in connection, has been the key to healing. With this gentle invitation, she hopes to weave a net of support around you, filling it with tools to empower and support you in your own healing journey.





Online Clients: Lets meet first

Its important to feel safe and connected with your counsellor, if we are meeting online for the first time, lets connect for 20 min free of charge so you can see how this feel and if we feel like a match.  


Kind Words


"Ive been blessed with a teacher who allowed me, and invited me to heal my inner hurting child and through that process of healing you helped me to realise I have a safety harness of intuition, wisdom, knowledge and choice and most of all, you helped me to realise the love I've been seeking all my life is within me and from the Divine and it has been guiding me along. That is a beautiful gift you gave me. I am finally returning to myself and my Beloved God. Thank you Adria".... Hannah




Hour Online Session $110

Three Session Package $300

+ valid for three months from start date



Initial Online Consultation $Free 20 min


Hour Online Session $90,

Three Session Package $240

+ valid for three months from start date

Financial Support is Available

Contact Adria about subsidized session