Meditation & Spirit Circles

a journey to connect, protect & clear your way

Meditation & Spirit Circle

A journey to connect, protect & clear your way



Are you ready to develop your intuition? Access your inner guidance and clarity? Learn techniques to deepen your intuitive knowing & trust your gut?


If you answered "YES" to any of the above, you should join our Meditation & Spirit Circle and discover ways to awaken your intuitive connection. Let Adria introduce you to your Guides, Animal Totems, Protective Angels, and Light Beings. You will learn how to ask questions for clarity, listen to your inner guidance, and protect and ground yourself when working with light energy and intuition.

Learn how to

Build trust

Open to learning

Connect with your guides

Meditate & Open to Wisdom

Improve your intuitive clarity

Discover the power of the pendulum

Learn to read oracle cards

Discover different methods of channeling higher wisdom


Suitable for all levels of experience

Course Overview 


4 week program

2 hours per week

Drop in welcome

$35 or $128 for four weeks


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