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Book a Private Heart-Centred Event


Create a Sacred event or retreat at your home, clinic or studio. Now you can book a private event, retreat or workshop when you want, where you want, and with your friends.



Step 1.

Design your own event

Select from any of the OFFERINGS or RETREATS available, and or combine parts of them to make your own personal event. You can plan for a private 2 hour workshop, a group sessions package, or a 3 day retreat.



Step 2.

Confirm Dates, Rates & Travel

When would you like your event?

Where would you like to host it? (travel fees may apply)

What would you like to in your private retreat?

How many guests will be coming?

Would you prefer an all inclusive tobe booked for you?

EMAIL ADRIA to discuss options and budgets.



Step 3.

Invite your friends, family & colleagues

When you are creating a private event you crecieve 10% commission with each registered guest. As the Party Planner you are responsible for the venue and marketing, and taking deposits.






Example Retreat Packages

....per person per day
There are three ways to create your own experience. 
1. You can gather your friends near you and book what services and classes you would like, and I will travel to you (travel fees are additional). 
2. You can book your own private venue in the Byron Shire, or Lasqueti Isalnd Canada, and bring a few friends. I can provide the services & classes in your rental.
3. You can book an all inclusive private retreat here in Byron Bay, or Lasqueti Island. This all inclusive will be created to match your budget and includes accommodation, meals, & retreat services for you.



Divine treat $135

1 hour of healing massage with aromatherapy or, Acupressure & Energy Healing
1 hour Guided Meditation or Qi Gong


Heavenly gifts   $225

1 hour healong aromatherapy massage or, Acupressure & Energy Healing
1 hour Acu-Facial & Energy Clearing
1 hour Guided Meditation or Qi Gong


A Day of Bliss    $350

1.5 hours healing aromatherapy massage
1 hour Acu-Facial
1 hour Acupressure & Energy Healing
1 hour Guided Meditation or Qi Gong Session

1/2 hour Sound Healing




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