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Resotrative Womb Rising
Empower, Resolve & Heal - 1 Day Retreat

Restorative Womb Rising is the soul-full offering of Brooke Skinner and Adria Ellis’, fused work in Crystalline Womb Healing and Womb Rising Method with over 15 years of international presence as healers and facilitators. This one day restorative healing journey for the womb, has been birthed from the success of their womb healing workshops and private practice. The full day emersion is an invitation to deepen your healing, and empowers YOU to step through grief, guilt and shame with love and connection.

Activate YOUR innate wisdom and to transform YOUR traumas and past stories into the beginning of something new and something beautiful. Join us, and surrender into your true power align with your innate wisdom and connect with your higher self. To find purpose through you’re past experiences.

Relationships, family, trauma, sexual abuse, fertility and miscarriage are but a few life events that can affect and disconnect us from our female nature. Because grief, shame and guilt are formed as a result of connection, they are healed in connection; this is why Brooke and Adria have combined a full day Restorative Womb Rising, to support and empower you through yoga, ritual, healing and meditation; so that we may support you on your journey to wholeness.

Restorative Womb Rising has been carefully selected and created fusing Ancient Eastern, Western, Spiritual and Wicca practices; including Acupressure, Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Energy Healing, Trauma Therapy, Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Counseling techniques along with Herbalism, Bodywork, Wicca and light work to name a few.

There is a need deep within each woman, to validate OUR femininity in all its forms, to release the restraints, pain and guilt, and to step into the world free and joyful, connected to the powerful energies that are inherent in being a woman.


• Ritual to honor and commit to self
• Guided Meditations and transpersonal journeying to build trust & transform struggle
• Kundalini Yoga to release stress and empower your body mind and spirit
• Powerful Wiccan ceremony to release attachments and call in healing light
• Nurturing connection and healing through guided practices
• Qi Gong to balance emotional conditioning and transform beliefs
• Self Acupressure and healing techniques for continued care
• Take home handouts to support you in your integration
We look forward to sharing this powerful day with you so you to can release past conditioning and step into your true self, with grace, support and unconditional love.

ABOUT ADRIA (facilitator)
Having studied and practiced acupressure, energy healing and coaching internationally for over 12 years. Adria is both a skilled healer and facilitator creating her own healing modality Fusion Acupressure. Her work has been inspired by her spirit guides, Chinese principles of healing and western psychotherapy. Much of her adult life journey has been in healing from the displacement of four generations of women who have been abandoned by their mother's, as in Adria's experience losing her mother to mental illness.

Over the past five years she has also experienced and healed through the grief and loss of three miscarriages. Her work as a facilitator not only honors the importance of talk therapy it also is a a guide to return from trauma to wholeness, she works extensively with women issues relating to fertility, family, sexual abuse and the guilt, shame and grief associated with lost pregnancies.

ABOUT BROOKE (co-creator)
Brooke Skinner is the owner of Sat Nam Institute and Conscious Holistic using her skills as a Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Teacher Trainer, Moon Mother Practitioner, Herbalist and Reiki Master.

She is the mother of 2 little girls, Willow Rose and Winter Eve and one spirit baby Aurora. Brooke has spend the last 12 years studying various Science Degrees too assist on her healing journey, including: Nutrition, Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine and now Psychotherapy. She holds space for monthly Women's New Moon Gatherings and a Womb Healing Circle co created with Adria Ellis.

Brooke is deeply passionate about supporting woman and men on their path of healing from sexual abuse as someone who has experienced abuse and trauma throughout her life in many shapes and forms.

"Just because I have healed does not mean I am free, It means I have an obligation to help others so they too can heal. To be able to see your own pain and traumas transform to light by helping another brother or sister is the most beautiful process of evolution and love we can experience!"

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