Join us for a series of private online group healing sessions that will support women to share, and heal in connection. 




What is it

Working with loss of pregnancy, infertility, sitllbirths, abortions, and loss of opportunity to mother a child can change us, change our lives and the lives of those around us. There is a growing need to suppor women in supporting and honouring the grief, shame, stigma, trauma and hopelessness that can be connected to womb giref.  


These private online group sessions are designed to create a safe space for women to come together in sacred connection and honour their inner process and each other. These classes are designed to deepen healing and may include meditation, talk thereapy, and various activities to support and acknowledge the spirit baby, the mother, the loss and the healing journey.




Why join in


Each time a woman is able to share her story, listen to other women's stories, support each other and feel supported, healing occurs. Healing in this context does not suggest that the loss is erased, rather it invites an acceptance, a space to love, to grieve, to acknowledge anniversaries, fears, hopes and difficulties attached to the loss of pregnancy.

There is a need for women to feel safe to explore their loss without societal pressures and predjudices. There is a need for women to be able to grieve their losses with compassionate and caring support. There is a need for women to feel safe and respected as they unravel the threads of lost hope, lost love and lost dreams.




"Because we have healed from these traumas does not mean we are free, it means it is our responsibility to uplift, love and support other woman so they too can heal. We all have stories, and we all have pain. When we gather together in ritual we ignite the sacredness within our core to hold and support each other in an unstoppable way!" B Skinner




The Experience

This workshop is a way to heal, simply by inviting women with womb grief to have a voice, to feel supported and to honour their loss. These gatherings offer an opportunity to honour the pain and loss associated with womb grief in connection, and to offer a supportive platform for women on thier path to love and wholeness.


Be wittnessed and supported

Identify and ask for support, or simply be heard

Create goals and sacred activities to support healing

Celebrate wins and mourn losses in a safe nurtured space

A guided meditation to invite healing of your womb & your heart




Kind Words

"I am such a strong women and its hard for me to step into my feminine side. 

I cant believe how much better I feel after sitting with a group of women I didn't even know. 

It felt so safe and healing and I was able to finally heal some of my grief.Thank you so much" Kat (miscairrage)


Monthly Workshop

Allow up to 2 hours per group workshop, offered in three month packages

3 months $108 Deposit US