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Fusion Healing

Coaching + Counselling + Acupressure + Workshops  

Experience a unique healing journey with Adria 
In Person & Online

Acupressure - Counselling - Energy Healing - Coaching

Wherever you are, it is my intention to support you in your journey to wellbeing.


Together we will work  in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential and achieve the goals you wish for yourself.

Whether we meet online, in clinic or in a workshop, my deepest hope is to support you in actualizing your personal goals and return to a sense of peace, love an joy.


Deepen your healing journey with a unique fusion of healing techniques and over 20 years of experieince.


How will you choose your healing journey?

  Transform your physical health, reduce stress & connect with your heart

"Adria is absolute unconditional love and support. I could never thank her enough for helping me through the most difficult time of my life. It's so amazing to be shown the steps on finding the answers to all of life's adversity right inside myself.  Adria works her magic and guides me there every session. When my friends and I talk about our sessions with Adria, we all agree that we are talking about the most precious jewel we've been lucky enough to find. "

Krista Licorice Fern — 5 star


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How you feel, is what matters to me.


You do not need to have something "wrong" with you to benefit
from a session. 


Many of us tend to have some kind of emotional or physical struggle that could use some support, or simply need to relax more. We will go to the doctor for a broken arm, and yet we rarely seek support for a broken heart.

Clients are often surprised how physical pain can offer insight into an emotional struggle, and how relieving emotional tension and anxiety can feel different in their body and mind.

Taking the next step in your healing journey is a defiant act of self-love.


"Adria has truly changed my life. She is incredibly intuitive and knows exactly what I need when I see her. She's brought me to a place where I have been able to work on some serious issues that I've been avoiding my whole life. When I leave my sessions with her I feel as light as air. Just an amazing healer that I will return to again and again."

D Steele

Clients often come to me for:

Neck Pain

Shoulder Tension


Digestive issues

Back Pain

Fertility & Miscarriage


Stress & Anxiety


Grief & Saddness

Feeling Overwhelmed


Loss of Purpose


Loss of Direction

Loss of Clarity & Peace

Love & relationships

Sense of Worth 

Fear & Loss of Trust

Loss of Hope

You are worthy of care.

It takes an incredible amount of courage to reach out for support, and recieve connection in the middle of your struggle.

Choose the path that will support your unique needs, and take a step towards wholeness.



"Each time I have a session with Adria I Am amazed by the insightful clarity I gain out of it. I come to her in sometimes chaotic states yet always leave her with a smile, rejuvenated, each time more confident and inspired than The last! With her I learn to walk through my emotions To understand Their meaning. I highly recommend her services!! "

J Assignon

Workshops Online & Local


If your schedule is flexible take advantage of a group session, Qi Gong or meditation classes offered online or locally. This is a lovely way to connect with Adria and benefit from her unique services where ever you are.


If these events are not available to you, then let’s have a private session.


  • Qi Gong

  • Meditation

  • Group Sessions

  • Sound Healing

Yoga Session

Learn with Others

Deep Relaxation



If you want it all, then plan for a retreat.


You can create your own private retreat for yourself, or with your friends in Byron Bay Australia. Combine Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Sessions & much more.


If your schedule is more flexible, you can join one of our scheduled retreats.


  • Relax

  • De-stress

  • Learn



Private Sessions

Online Counselling


If you would like the benefit of having a counselling session with the greatest flexibility, then choose a private session online.


This service offers the benefits of group & local sessions combined with deep healing presence, intution, privacy & flexibility. Online sessions are incredibly powerful ways to support you in your struggle, where ever you are.


  • Transpersonal Psychology

  • Intuitive Guidance

  • Psych-K®

  • Experiential & Cognitive

  • Family Systems & Gestalt


Master the Art

Certificate Training


If you are wanting to learn Fusion Acupressure and become an energy healer, then join us for an intensive week of training that integrates principles of eastern and western healing techniques.


This is both a retreat and a magnificent journey into the healing arts. These intensive trainings have transformed the lives of many clients, massage therapists, nurses, mothers and healers.


  • Recognized with IICT

  • Eligible for insurance coverage in Canada & Australia

  • All levels welcome


Healing Touch

Local Clinic


If you happen to be near one of my clinics at the right time of the year, then join me in either Byron Bay Australia or Victoria Canada for a local clinic experience.


Many of my clients travel to experience a local session and/or combine these sessions with online sessions for the ultimate ongoing support.


  • Intuitive Massage

  • Acupressure & Energy Healing

  • Counselling & Transpersonal Psychology


You are Important

Discount for Health Care Cards


It is important for you to know that your needs are valid.


If you are struggling as a single parent, and or on health care benefits because you've hit a rough patch. I

I am offering 20% savings on your first three sessions.



  • Supporting people in need

  • Empowering single mothers & students to get support

  • Providing opportunities for all


Wherever you are, I'm here to support you
Online or In-Person

Many clients have shared how hard it was for them to make the call and ask for physical or emotional support.

They often shared that they didn’t feel that they were worth the investment, that asking for help made their struggle feel more real, or that they were embarrassed to admit that they were stressed, depressed, tense, anxious, had physical pain, or felt grief in the first place.







Those who have embarked on their healing journey have felt supported by ..


  • affordability of the packages available

  • the care, genuine presence Adria provides

  • clear goals and core needs they identified in sessions

  • connection within their struggle

  • value in caring for themselves and how it ripples into their family, friends and relationships

  • realization that shame cannot survive in connection

  • commitment to self, autonomy and peace

  • physical relief and comfort 

What others are saying...
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"Adria is absolute unconditional love and support. I could never thank her enough for helping me through the most difficult time of my life. It's so amazing to be shown the steps on finding the answers to all of life's adversity right inside myself. It sounds maybe a tad cheesy, but it's true, and to be shown this is such a massive gift. "



" I would like to thank you for a wonderful day of very interesting knowledge and practice. I am very grateful to have the  opportunity to learn such an ancestral wisdom of healing with you. You are a healer and your way of speaking is so truthful and authentic. I feel honoured to be your student." 

D Dupuis (Teacher)

"I was surprised at how effective the session was over Skype, I think it was just as effective as being in the room with her. Adria is an amazing healer. Her natural intuition makes her very effective at finding the issues that need attention. I feel so much better after my session, I highly recommend working with Adria to resolve emotional issues or body pain."

Ellen K



" My session was a cross between Shiatsu, Reiki, massage and counselling - wow, thank you - it is remarkable work"

Fi (Yoga Teacher)


"This was more than a class, this was an answer to a journey of life I am on. Her presentation and authenticity are a light.  Adria is a gifted teacher." 

E. Pruden (Kinesiologist)


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