Womb Grief
Counselling and Energy Healing to support you and honour your loss

These sessions are designed to support you in healing and grieving the loss of a miscairrage, still birth, abortion, infertility and the dream. With compassion and love, we will work together to heal grief, anger, shame, guilt and lost hope from the womb.



What is it

These sessions are available in person or online. They offer a focuss on your struggle as a woman experieinceing loss, grief, struggle, shame and a myriad of of experieinces associated with pregnancy loss, infertility and loss of mother-hood. The work is gentle, supportive and a caring invitation to unpack the grief, anger and hoplessness that can accompany pregnancy loss and the years that follow.  






What to expect

As a counseling and intuitive coaching session, wether online or in person,  will be suported in sharing your struggle and moving through the stages of grief in safe non-judmgnetal conneciton, with the intention to honour you and your loss, give space to your feelings and meet you in your needs.


As a session in person, talk therapy can be combined with acupressure, energy healing and counselling for a full body mind healing.





My Spirit Baby

This work has been inspired by Adria's own journey in healing from her miscairrages and a deep understanding of the need to be supported, wittnessed and assisted in her grief. Through her complex journey of shame, guilt and negative beliefs that restricted her healing, Adria has dedicated the last few years of her career to understand how to support women so they know they are not alone. With the gentle encouragment from friends and clients, she has integrated her Eastern healing practice with her training in psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology to support and balance women on a physical, emotional and spirtiual jounrey towards wholeness.




Session Rates Clinic

One hour  $110

Package of 3 Sessions $300

Session Rates Online

One hour  $101

Package of 3 Sessions $270

Financial Support

Contact Adria about sponsorship opportunities