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"Ive been blessed with a teacher who allowed me, and invited me to heal my inner hurting child and through that process of healing you helped me to realise I have a safety harness of intuition, wisdom, knowledge and choice and most of all, you helped me to realise the love I've been seeking all my life is within me and from the Divine and it has been guiding me along. That is a beautiful gift you gave me. I am finally returning to myself and my Beloved God. Thank you Adria".... Hannah




"Adria is absolute unconditional love and support. I could never thank her enough for helping me through the most difficult time of my life. It's so amazing to be shown the steps on finding the answers to all of life's adversity right inside myself. It sounds maybe a tad cheesy, but it's true, and to be shown this is such a massive gift. There is no where else you have to look, it's right inside, and Adria works her magic and guides me there every session. As well, Adria's acupressure helped relieve a huge amount of my chronic pain from a work related injury. When my friends and I talk about our sessions with Adria, we all agree that we are talking about the most precious jewel we've been lucky enough to find. "

Krista Licorice Fern — 5 star



"I have been a client of Adrias since late 2006.I started seeing her to assist with a sucession of

severe migraine attacks. These attacks coincided with starting a new job, which turned out to be a

very unpleasant work environment.


Using her many skills, including Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Theraputic Massage, Counselling & Inner Guidance,

Adria has helped me to identify and remedy the causes of my migraines, and assist me to find new avenues to heal myself.


With Adrias guidance, I was able to manifest a career direction more suitable to my skillset.I now wake up everyday to a new challenge, confident that I have the ability to rise up and overcome the hurdles that I face in my role. Adrias sensitivity and counselling skills made it easy to talk about any issues in my life, while in a relaxed and safe environment. She would always help me to find the answers within myself. This included guiding me to resources, such as books and dvds, to further enhance me on my spiritual journey of life.Thank you Adria, your intuitative wisdom, guidance and positive energy have been instrumental in empowering me to change my live for the better."

Elena Vitale, IT Project Office Manager

I'm 75 years old I've been receiving accupressure treatments from a number of practiioners over the years,Adria is without doubt the most intuitive body worker I have ever experienced.I highly recommend a monthly session with her
It will change your life.


I have been receiving treatments from Adria for over a year now and quite simply she has changed my life. On my very first visit, Adria intuitively knew what my body, mind and spirit needed and was able to make a seriously remarkable difference with some things that I have been struggling with for years, in just that one visit. I believe so strongly in her healing abilities that I recommend her to any one who will listen. She is a beautiful being that I am grateful for everyday!.

D McHugh 


By far the best healer I have ever been to, conventional and alternative practitioners included.

T Newstead, Australia


Adria is an incredibly gifted intuitive and healer. She often alludes to developments in my life long before they come to fruition which enables me to greet them as an old friend. 
Working with Adria has added spiritual, intuitive level to my life which I am learning to utilize more and more. I hope to continue to learn and access more of myself with Adria's gentle and accurate guidance.

J Shaver


Adria has truly changed my life. She is incredibly intuitive and knows exactly what I need when I see her. She's brought me to a place where I have been able to work on some serious issues that I've been avoiding my whole life. When I leave my sessions with her I feel as light as air. Just an amazing healer that I will return to again and again.

D Steele



The sessions I had with Adria were very helpful. She has an intuitive approach, blended with years of experience in many treatment methods. Adria brings the invaluable combination of skill, knowledge, experience and intuition. As a client I know I am benefiting from this.

L Brown


"I was a client of Adrias for a number of years. I first met her whilst I was going through an enormously stressful and distressing time.I was looking to clear old belief systems ,find my inner voice and improve my ailing health.Adria helped me work through this period and has provided assistance and grounding as I have rebuilt my life for the better. Her kindness, empathy, generosity of spirit and energy are abundant and have aided me to better health and understanding of my body.I thank Adria for guiding me onto a path leading to a better place, physically, emotionally and spiritually."

Nicola Pravato, Mechanical Design Draftsperson/ Designer


As in all my sessions with Adria I leave feeling radiant,relaxed,balanced and whole.
Adria has a special healing touch,She is intuitive,very knowledgeable on many levels,and a deeply caring person.
She is a true delight,and I treasure my times with her.
Love to you Colleen


I place myself in Adria's capable hands once a month. Her intuitive approach is always spot on. She is a warm, friendly and professional healing presence in my life.

J Martin


The best the best the best.
There is no other women I would have do this now as it would certainly fall short.
Thank you!

A Difiori


Adria is an amazing practitioner. I was going through a very difficult time both physically and emotionally when I met. her. Although I was also receiving counselling at the time, I would often feel torn apart from the sessions. To me it was as if counselling was ripping me open and my visits to Adria were providing the healing. I continue to see Adria on a regular basis for a "tune up." I do know that if I had not met Adria last year and received the sessions that I did from her, I would not be in the good place that I am in right now. So much of what is going on in our life is stored in the cells of our body. Adria has been able to intuitively tap into what needs to be released. I would strongly recommend her to anyone.

C Wetergard


Each time I have a session with Adria I Am amazed by the insightful clarity I gain out of it. I come to her in sometimes chaotic states yet always leave her with a smile, rejuvenated, each time more confident and inspired than The last! With her I learn to walk through my emotions To understand Their meaning. I highly recommend her services!! :)

J Assignon


"I have known Adria Ellis for three years. During this time I have regularly attended her practice for Jin Shin Do Acupressure and massage Adria provides a calm, nurturing space where I always felt safe and nurtured.Her counseling skills, coupled with her amazing intuitive abilities have assisted enormously in my understanding, acceptance and integration of my current lessons.Adria has worked with five members of my family and they all speak highly of her many skills. I know they appreciate the confidentiality she brings to her work and the support she has extended to them in their sessions." 

Janet Cater Practitioner and Parenting Advisor Mentor 



Thank you for all your support and allowing me to be vunerable and able to recieve health healing and love from the world." 

Craigh Wilson



"I feel very blessed to have met you when I needed you at such changing times in my life. I could not have made the decisions without your wise counsel and healing."

 Jude Warren



"...thank you very much for your help and support during difficult times!" 




Remote Healing & Coaching


"I am so grateful for my sessions with Adria. 

Her intuitive understanding and accurate suggestions have lifted me far out of some very dark places. 

Her willingness to be honest and candid as well as her perfectly timed humour builds an incredible amount of trust and companionship. 

During our remote healing sessions, Adria has been able to effectively pinpoint and eliminate severe pain and discomfort.  Specifically, I have experienced a reduction in esophageal swelling, gurgling and rumbling in my lower abdomen as she worked on healing my large intestine without my knowledge and a ceasing of my hives on the exact day she intuited. 

I plan to continue my healing relationship with this incredible woman and with myself as a result;) 

I would not hesitate to recommend Adria. If you have a specific physical, or emotional crises or even if you can't pinpoint what is troubling you, Adria will guide you, nurture you and heal you while teaching you to eventually do this for yourself;)"

 - Jeannie Shaver


"I'd never done anyting lke this before, and it didnt feel wierd over the phone. It actually felt like you were right here with me. I found it really helpful. Afterwards I felt like a shift physcially, like I'd run a marathon where you can finally catch your breath. I would definetley book another one and feel relieved that now that when I need a session I can book a one from anywhere."

J. McDonald




"It was a really powerful healing experience. I was surprised at how effective the session was over the phone, I think just as effective as being in the room with you.

I would tell a friend that Adria is an amazing healer. Her natural intuition makes her very effective at finding the issues and/or body areas that need attention. I feel so much better after my session, I highly recommend working with Adria to resolve emotional issues or body pain."

Ellen K




"I think I can best describe it as magic. Energy magic that I am open to because it will take me into my psyche. I was smiling at the end of the session the other day because I felt like I had heard such an interesting beautiful story loaded with metaphor and symbols and not only did I hear the story, I made it up! With your gracious and knowing guidance, of course.


Since the session I have had lots to think about around letting go and what feels safe. Also I have been getting very creative with my visualizations. What I picked up during the session is helping deepen my relationship with my body/mind. The time spent with you on the other end of the phone left me relaxed, richer in spirit and ready to continue on my path with curiousity and compassion."

Jenny Vester



Meditation Classes & Online Classes

" I meditate to Adria's Forest Time every morning. The experience is life-changing. Knowing Adria is a must! My first encounter with her was at one of her free workshops. While we were meditating sitting in yoga posture, I was trying to ignore the knife-like prying between my vertebrae, then suddenly, the excruciating pain got sucked out and I realized Adria was cupping it in her hand behind me. Oh what a relief! To this day, I have not felt it again.  
This first workshop I attended after having visited a beautiful forest area in Sooke, N 48° 21.509 W 123° 44.142, a spot dedicated to young Jessica who was taken away by childhood cancer. You hear her giggling through the branches. Thank you Adria for being in my life. Our journey has just begun. "

Nicole Dupuis


"What a beautiful calming experieince. I know my evening would have been the usual rushing around, thank you so much." R Pike


"Adria, you have created a soft place to land, a time for reflection, a feeling of connection and an opportunity to unite with the heart. Thank you Namaste" C. Vardy


"I feel so much grattitude for your guided medtiaion. It brings me closer to my true self and has allowed me to you and the other beautiful people at the meditation. So good to be part of this." M Fisher


"Adria the experieince was wonderful and just what we needed. 

What a wonderful experience.  So fantastic!! I really miss our times together, your meditations are the best in the world.

You came back into our lives when we really needed you." D Grant





"Adria is an intelligent, engaging presenter who adapts beautifully to her audiance. She teaches a balance of theory and practical applications that leaves me feeling empowered to adopt new techniques into my life. How excting!"Sara Redman


"Most wholesome learning environment I've ever experienced" Anonymous


"Even if you are an experienced acupuncturist, kinesiologist, massage therapist, reflexologist you will get so muc from this course - learning a new way to work with the energy body. Adria is such a wonderful teacher, kind, compassionate - walks her talk!" 

Elaine Oliver


"Amazing journey begun into the wonders of Jin Shin Do. Thanks Adria, for your wisdom, compassion and spirit.. you rock!" 




"I loved everything about this class, it was delivered in a very effective way which allowed me to learn in great depth considering the length of the course... The content is amazing, the teacher is amazing, the learning of the self is amazing, all put together=amazing"  




"This was more then a class, this was an answer to a journey of life I am on... your presentation and authenticity are a light - you are a gifted teacher." 

Name witheld


"Amazing, wonderful, inspiring!! Want to learn more + more + more. Thank you so much - your taching is wonderful - comfortable, inviting, warm, caring."

P Scott



"After a Qi Gong Class I felt like my body was buzzing with energy. But in a really calm way. I didnt know it was possible to feel that way." G.Doanne



"This class (Acu-Facial) was deep but not intensive - it reached through emotional blockages yet it was very gentle"

- thank you Toni

"Amazed at how much I was able to relax and tune out.. Really amazed!"

- Jess

"Your class style was wonderful. I really enjoyed the process and look forward to continuing"

- Thanks Jill

"A wonderful day, full of new experiences - it opens the doors to wanting more and learning more. A very enjoyable day" - Thank you Michelle

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