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5 Element Qi Gong

meditation . movement . meridians

Heart Centred Qi Gong


Join Adria for a healing & restorative morning Qi Gong & Meditation session.


Each 90 minute class focuses on clearing and balancing the energy systems in your body with postures that restore harmony to the organ meridians. Ease emotional blocks and beliefs that have been locked in your body as tension, and restore a sense of love, peace and joy.


This gentle and yet powerful practice focuses on the Five-Element Taoist postures to free up your energy meridians, clear stagnation in your organs and improve the quality of your breath and Qi.


Following each class is a deeply restorative Yoga Nidra that invites integration and healing.

All levels are welcome


Each class consists of easy, fun and gentle postures.

Adria's gentle instructions guide and support you on your healing journey.


Heart-Centred Qi Gong supports you with balancing






Low energy

Lack of Direction

Digestive Issues


Muscular Pain

and more...


Join us to increase vitality, improve your health, center your mind & improve your energy levels.

Pay on a sliding scale

$15 to $30

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