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How did you arrive at this Profession?
Adria Ellis, Interviewed by

I feel like this profession chose me.  When I was 14, my father enrolled me in my first acupressure class.  He saw that from a very young age I was interested in massaging people and he wanted to encourage something I was naturally good at.


Before I settled on acupressure, I felt I had to go out into the world and experience other career paths.  I tried floristry, advertising, marketing and even pursued a degree in Anthropology and Aboriginal Art, before I

returned to acupressure.


Would you like to share a success story?


I recently had a client come to me with restricted breathing.  She was unable to get a full breath and had had pain in her chest for six months.  Her doctor told her that her lung capacity was lower than normal and then booked for a follow-up with a specialist.


We worked together twice before her specialist appointment.  

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