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Guided Blessing Way for My Spirit Baby




Two hours of private mentoring and guided journey to honor the Mother and her Spirit Baby. This healing combines guided ritual, talk therapy, meditation and intuitive coaching. This ceremony is a healing journey specialised to support you in connecting with your Spirit Baby, your motherhood and returning to wholeness.


Intuitive coaching and non-denominational practices are applied to honor your Spirit Baby and invite healing. 




These Sacred Sessions are available online or as a private 1:1 session with up to 10 guests, please email Adria to discuss your Blessing Plan.



+ A Recorded Spirit Baby Journey (meditation) for continued support & healing

+ Complimentary 20 min follow up session

+ Jizo Statue sold seperatley.


"I'd never done anyting lke this before (Remote Healing), and it didnt feel wierd over the phone. It actually felt like you were right here with me. I found it really helpful. Afterwards I felt like a shift physcially, like I'd run a marathon where you can finally catch your breath. I feel relieved to know that when I need a session I can book  one from anywhere."  J. McDonald 

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