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Join a scared practice and journey into your heart to open you to your full potential

Women's Wisdom

Soul Circle

Awaken your potential

Discover astrological influences 

Re-write your heart-code
Change negative beliefs
Heal your losses and transform struggle in safe connection


We often move through life wondering why we aren't meeting the man of our dreams, why we fight with our family, feel the grip of loneliness and or lack that sense of purpose, clarity and drive that we long for.

The focus of these circles is to take time to identify our limiting beliefs so that we can shift them right here, right now. Once we begin to identify the blocks you are taken on a guided meditation to integrate the new beliefs and shift who and how you are in the world.

These 2 hour circles are a gentle and sacred journey of Meditation, Talk Therapy, Journalling, Coaching and Healing with the focus on clearing blocks and opening into your heart. These classes offer you an opportunity to transcend the mind, empower the psyche and invite divine clearing and healing into the heart.

2 hours of Sacred Circle 
Talk Therapy 

Inner Alchemy and Enquiry
Guided meditation
Recorded meditation available for online participants

We will be guided through the chakras in each class, as a way to explore or core beliefs, and rebuild our foundation, and step into the life we dream of.

$128 for four weeks, or $35 drop-in




CANADA: Thursday January 23rd to Feb 13 at 5-7 pm CAN (PST)

AUSTRALIA: Friday January 24th to Feb 14 at 12-2 pm AUS (AEST)
* The class size is limited so please register your interest ASAP




Each time a woman is able to share her story, listen to other women's stories, support each other and feel supported, healing occurs. Healing in this context does not suggest that the loss is erased, rather it invites an acceptance, a space to love, to grieve, to acknowledge anniversaries, fears, hopes and difficulties attached to any struggle or loss be it purpose, love, family, personal struggle, what ever it is that feels un-restful in your heart.



"Because we have healed from these traumas does not mean we are free, it means it is our responsibility to uplift, love and support other woman so they too can heal. We all have stories, and we all have pain. When we gather together in ritual we ignite the sacredness within our core to hold and support each other in an unstoppable way!" B Skinner



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Women's Wisdom Circle

Australia: Fri 24th at 10 am (AEST)

Canada: Thurs 23rd 3pm (PST)

$128 to Register or $35 Drop in (e-transfer welcome)