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Women's Wisdom & Soul Circles

connect . awaken . release . heal

Journey into your heart and open up to your full potential

Are you disconnected from your heart's desires, not living the fullest expression of yourself? Allowing yourself or others to let you down, unable to fully step into your self-worth? Lacking clarity of purpose, and the energy to create the change you need?

Soul Gatherings with like-minded sisters

The focus of these circles are to create sacred connection and feel supported to change your your limiting beliefs. Once you begin to identify your blocks, you are guided to integrate new, healthy beliefs and shift how you show up in the world, your family and relationships.

During each gathering, women are able to share their story and listen to other women's stories. As you support each other and feel supported, healing can occur.


Awaken your potential

Discover astrological influences 

Connect to a tribe of like-minded sisters

Change negative beliefs

Re-write your heart-code
Heal your losses and transform your struggles in safe connection

Anchor 3

Transcend your mind, empower your heart and invite divine healing


These 2 hour circles are a gentle and sacred journey of Talk Therapy, Journalling, Coaching and Healing with the focus on clearing blocks and opening into your heart. 

Themes Include


Self Worth






Together, we hold space to love, to grieve, to acknowledge anniversaries, fears, hopes and difficulties attached to any struggle or loss. Whether your pain is related to purpose, love, family or personal struggle - whatever feels un-restful in your heart can be brought up for clearing and healing.

What is included
2 hours of Sacred Circle 
Talk Therapy & Soul Sharing

Inner Alchemy and Enquiry
Guided Meditation

Supporting each other in our healing does not suggest that pain or loss are erased, but sharing in sacred community invites acceptance and love. The Women's Wisdom & Soul Circles are a safe space to rebuild your foundation and step into the life you dream.

$128 for four weeks, or $35 drop-in first class only ($CAD) 

Online Gathering - Four Weeks


Thursday January 23rd to February 13 at 5-7 pm, Vancouver Time 


Friday January 24th to February 14 at 12-2 pm, Sydney Time

"Because we have healed from these traumas does not mean we are free, it means it is our responsibility to uplift, love and support other women so they too can heal. We all have stories, and we all have pain. When we gather together in circle we ignite the sacredness within our core to hold and support each other in an unstoppable way!" 

(B. Skinner)

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