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Free Guided Meditations

stillness . inner wisdom . transpersonal journey

Still your mind, deepen your intuition, and remove blocks from your life

Transpersonal Meditations are very unique and individual experiences, centered around your goals for healing. 

They take you on a deep journey within and provide an opportunity to work with your subconscious beliefs so you can transform them in a spiritual framework.

A gift of inner vision and stillness to reconnect to your heart

Following Adria's lead on a spiritual deep dive, you will be introduced to your angels and/or higher guidance. They will help you deepen your experience and allow you to reprogram your beliefs, heal your heart, and transform your life.

In order to hear your higher wisdom clearly, Adria will help you move through the clutter of your emotional responses, stories and beliefs that keep you locked in old patters. These negative re-runs act like static in your attempt to connect with your path and can get in the way of our ability to feel peace, love and joy. The question is never "if" you have guides, its about how loudly your ego is pushing against your inner counsel.

Listen to the recordings below and contact Adria if you wish to book an individual session. 

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