Self Mastery Deck

Insight and Empowerment




You will never walk alone with the Self Mastery Deck to guide you. Borrowing on ancient wisdom, spiritual teachings and modern psychology, you will be guided with this oracle in your search for insight, your call for miracles and an invitation of empowerment.  



These cards have been inspired by Transpersonal Psychology and the Philosophy of the Ancient Five Element Theory. The intention of these cards are to inspire wholeness, insight and peace.  You can use the Self Mastery Deck as a tool for meditation, daily reflection, healing and transformation.



These cards can offer you guidance in your relationships, on your path and for your personal practice. Awareness is empowerment. These cards are designed to help you find the answers and guidance you need right now so you can choose the life you desire.

Only you can create the life you want - and the Self Mastery Deck is here to help you.

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Cad: $52 

Aud: $55 


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