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Self Mastery Cards

Insight and Empowerment

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The intention of these cards is to guide you to find your own answers and empower you to live the life you desire.

Why Self Mastery

Self Mastery is the gift of knowing yourself so well that you live an empowered and meaningful life filled with joy, courage, passion, love and clarity.

As you come to know yourself then you are empowered to make choices to live the life you desire.

Each card offers both an insight and Self Mastery questions to guide you.

The guidance you seek is often hidden in the question.
It is time to unlock the gift of your own intuitive, conscious and subconscious answers.


Drawing on the influence of the ancient Chinese system of five elements. these 45 cards energetically activate and balance limiting beliefs and transform the virtues of Metal, Earth, Fire, Water and Wood to guide you.

These cards have been inspired by Transpersonal Psychology and the Philosophy of the Ancient Five Element Theory.

Each card resonates with you through the day, inspiring and guiding you towards your own Self Mastery.

Are you ready to choose an empowered life?


The intention of these cards is to guide you to find your own answers and empower you to live the life you desire.

These cards can offer you guidance in your relationships, in building confidence and in gaining direction.  

Only you can create the life you want - and the Self Mastery Deck is here to help you.

How to...

How others use them, around the world


"I like to pull a card in the morning and reflect on both the affirmation and the Self Mastery questions throughout the day." America


"I sit with my diary and write out each answer to get clear on what I am creating in my life." Australia


"I have been offering private readings to my friends and it is amazing." Julia - Canada

"I love these! I find them really helpful after a difficult situation as they show me a side of the conflict that was in myself which i hadn't noticed. I also really like my children to pull cards because it offers great opportunities and teaching moments that wouldn't come up naturally." Jeannie - Canada

"I love them and consult them when i have a question. They are beautiful!" Mim - Ireland

"I love to use them in session & Women's Circles; the client reflects on the affirmation and top message, and after our session they get to expand on the Self Mastery questions as homework." Adria - Australia

You will find your own way!

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