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Each massage is a journey to release tension from the mind and body. Enjoy a fusion of different modalities to deepen your experience; relax, clear, balance and integrate healing. Each session combines relaxation, intuitive healing, Lomi Lomi & acupressure for a deeply relaxing, remedial and restorative journey. Aromatherapy and Sound wash are available on request.


+ Therapeutic massage to Relax

This touch therapy incorporates a variety of gentle and deep pressure to meet your needs. Although this work is specifically designed for relax the nervous system and relieve stress, it can be a lovely way to unlock tight shoulders, ease neck tension, release back pain and support physical and emotional wellbeing.


Session Rates

Hour $180

Hour and Half $250 

"Thank you Adria, your intuitative wisdom, guidance and positive energy have been instrumental in empowering me to change my life for the better."  (Fusion Acupressure)

Elena Vitale, IT Project Office Manager

"I am feeling transformed after an amazing bodywork (massage)session today with the incomparable Adria Ellis. Her touch is so intuitive, her hands go to exactly where your body wants and needs them to go, assured, firm but gentle .... just when I need you the most."   Fiona

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