Self-care is vital not selfish

You may have heard the term self-care used a lot in the past few years. And you might already know exactly how to nurture yourself in the very best way.

Yet, for many people, self-care is a phrase they’ve heard of, and that’s where it ends.

Take my client, Elisabeth. We discussed this recently and she said, "Isn't self-care just me-time with a new name?"

Elisabeth, like many mothers, puts most of her energy into loving and caring for her young children, and running the household. She is trying to start her own business but has very little time.

She finds it hard to ‘get away’ from her loved ones to exercise. And often feels selfish taking time out to go to a yoga class or to sit at the beach with a book.

It’s possible that you might relate to this too. Do you find that your family, partner or work feels more important than your needs? Not to worry, you are not alone.

The first step in self-care is deciding that you want it.

So, what does self-care look like and what is the difference between it and me-time?

"Me-time" is a moment in the present where you are making yourself happy or taking a sip of freedom from obligations and stressors.

"Self-care" is about longevity. You could see it as an intentional, holistic commitment to yourself. An agreement to nurture and nourish your whole self, regularly.

In my Self Mastery cards, Self Mastery of Nurturing says: Take a moment to imagine how it could feel to have your needs fulfilled. Is there one need you could fulfil for yourself today?

This is the essence of self-care. Finding out what your needs are.

We can break self-care down into five areas. The idea is that you start to get an understanding of what you need in each.


This is where you figure out how you can look after your body in a better way, including: