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Self Mastery - I am worthy of love

Take a moment to feel into these words " I AM WORTHY OF LOVE" . Do you feel yourself push back and resist, or melt into the assuredness of them?

You are invited to open your heart and recognize how abundant love actually is. This card asks you to think beyond human connection and consider a love with no beginning, no end and without conditions.

Divine love is unconditional and boundless like the sun, however the love experienced in relationships can often feel more variable like the weather.

Too often people look to relationships to be unconditional, and that is like looking to the wind, rain or clouds to bring you consistent warmth. The sun is unfailing, and even from behind the clouds it continues to shine on you, because you are always worthy of love.

Self Mastery of Love

What does unconditional love mean to you?

How would it feel to be loved unconditionally?

How do you imagine your life and relationships would be different if you believed that you were worthy of love?

The inspiration of this card:

In September 2019 I went to India to spend a month with Amma the hugging Guru who's core message is love.

During the ten day silent retreat, I noticed how I worried that Amma would be upset with me if she knew that I wasn’t doing the spiritual practices right. The truth is, I had no idea what to do in the Ashram, I felt a little bit like a spiritual tourist who was (and still is) deeply ignorant of the rituals and ways of a devotee. I knew this anxiety within me was old and it reminded me of my child hood belief that "I had to get it right" in order be loved.

So how was it possible that Amma could love us unconditionally when every anxious cell felt a different reality?

Alas, I began to wonder what unconditional love was.

I understood the principle of unconditional love, but I just couldn’t understand what it actually meant to me. It was a perfect time to contemplate love in the silent retreat, and so I began a dialogue with Amma in my mind.

“Amma, even if I sing the wrong words, you will love me?”

“Yes” Amma would reply in my mind

“Even if I am lazy?”


"What about when i do something wrong?"


“What about when I am really, really, really needy?”


This internal dialogue continued again and again until I exhausted all of the parts of myself that I had been unable to accept or forgive on my own.

This simple conversation let me feel love in a way I’d never known before, and it opened the door for me to love and forgive those parts of myself. This in turn helped me love myself in a way I had previously looked to others to validate.

So I ask of you, what does unconditional love mean to you, and how do you imagine it would feel to let it touch you, like the sun warming your skin.

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