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Virgo: Full moon to align us with our dreams

Embrace radical shifts during the Full Moon!

About This Full Moon…

Monday, March 9th / Tuesday, March 10th

Following the dreamy New Moon in Pisces, this Virgo Full Moon will be just as exciting!

Virgo’s purpose is to help us bring our everyday lives into closer alignment with our dreams and ideals. It is the sign that connects you to your service to others, how you take care of yourself daily, and who or what you have been giving your energy to.

This full moon is a chance for you to examine what (or who) you have been giving your energy to. Does it feed you as much as you have been feeding it? If it has been draining you, now is the time to cut the cord. And remember - anything that is removed from your life will come back in a way that is somehow even more miraculous and beautiful than before.

Choose what gives you peace, love, and happiness. The universe is encouraging you to be selective, to look at the fine print of all that has approached you in your life. If something feels off, it is!

With Virgo being the sign of ‘perfection’, you may feel the need to organize everything. Instead, try to be tolerant and accept the imperfections of life. Trust life and release expectations. Gratitude and forgiveness are especially key during this time.

On the bright side, the Sun’s conjunction with Neptune can help to

soften this moon’s more critical tendencies, inspiring us to look upon ourselves and each other with a heightened sense of compassion.

Rather than trying to ‘fix' everything and everyone in our lives, we’re challenged to love and accept them as they are.

Still, some things can be fixed at this time. With this full moon trining multiple planets in ambitious, dedicated Capricorn (including Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn), we can make a lot of progress—as long as we’re disciplined and strategic about choosing our battles. This is an excellent time to work on any projects, as this diligent sign has an uncanny ability to analyze the critical details most of us would miss!

To sum it up - this full moon in Virgo is a culmination of all you have learned coming to a head, in a way that allows you to determine what you will and will no longer accept in your life.

Tips to a happy Full Moon:

Take your time when it comes to calling in what you desire, and use your creativity (sing, paint, write…whatever speaks to you) and borrow on the Virgo's ability to be critical in the details so you can give your intention power and increase its magic.

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