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Q & A Lost Track of My Heart...

Dear Adria Questions from You Thank you for the recent session, I realised that my life is not in fact "inside out" as I had thought, but that I have lost track of my heart. You mentioned the heart can be like the beacon that guides our way home, and although I feel closer to seeing the light, I am wondering if you could offer any suggestions for me to keep tracking it. "Smith" Hello Smith, It suggested in Chinese Medicine, that when our spirit can reside in the palace of our heart and rule over all of the land (organs, thoughts, actions etc) then all is in harmony. In our culture this can be hard as our thinking mind has had to learn what is safe, what we should be doing, and what is right, and so our thoughts often takes over from the heart. It sounds like you are asking for a way to turn up the volume of your heart, and I would like to suggest there are many ways to do that. The one I will offer to you is one of the easiest methods: Gratitude. We hear it a lot these days and it has almost come to replace "manifesting" in popularity, however when we express or acknowledge gratitude it brings us back in to the present, and it helps our heart have voice for where we are and what we already have. When we can recognise what we already have then there is room to build on the foundation of the heart, without the need to rebuild a foundation from scratch (the mind). In essence, when we recognise what we have that feels good, we can recognise that our heart has had a voice all along, and by recognising the little things around us such as, a warm bed, a delicious meal, a phone call from a friend, the purr of our cat, then we can feel our connection and turn up the dimmer switch to our heart with the simple words; "I am so grateful for the (...fill in the blank) I feel in this moment". Some other examples might be; "hmmm I just love coffee in bed", or "Thank you (Your own name) for being so good to me." or "I love that I have a job and a house and a child and friends".... or "I am so grateful for (list 3 things before getting out of bed in the morning and before going to bed in the eve". Your Turn: If you have a question for Adria, (please confirm that it is ok to include it in the Dear Adria column)

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