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How do you feel? Intuitive guidance or your thoughts...

We can work with spirit [Higher Self/God/Source energy] in many ways to support our growth, guidance and health.

One such way that I teach is to work with spirit to help us through situations that we might otherwise feel draining, confusing or emotionally challenging. Spirit can remind us of what our needs are, and how to take steps to feel better and know we are safe. By learning techniques to communicate with our higher self, we open ourselves up to healing and peace. In this Newsletter, we will explore the method of communication with our Higher Selves through the Kinesthetic - body felt sense.

There are four main ways that spirit can communicate with us (thought, sound, sight and touch/feeling). These methods of communication offer clues to new ways of sensing perception around what isn’t working in our lives/heart. Once we learn to read and interpret the kinds of clues that are coming to us, we are able to shift from thinking that life is a series of coincidences where ‘things simply happen to us’; we are able to shift perception to sense and understand the synchronicities that have been communicated to us along the way.

What does it mean to communicate with spirit kinesthetically?

This may translate for a person as a body sensation, such as getting shivers, feeling a subtle presence around you, ‘truth’ bumps (goose bumps), or something subtler such as a “gut feeling”. When I first started working with spirit in my practice, I would ask spirit to guide me in a tangible way. At that time, I knew I worked with my grandfather's energy and I would imagine his presence with me, as advised by one of my teachers. I asked him to help me with my clients. As a result, I would feel my grandfather’s presence and a tickle on tip of my nose when he wanted me to pay extra attention to something (admittingly, this became distracting and we agreed to another method - lol).

Another example is from one of my students. She experiences body sensations in particular around the back of her neck when her spirit guide is around. She now understands when she feels as though someone is lightly brushing up against the back of her neck, it is a sign that she is in a safe place, and it is okay for her to open her heart to the experience.

Why not close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask an ancestor, or an angel to make its presence known in a gentle kinesthetic way? Trust the first sensation that you notice. If it is fleeting then try again in a few minutes asking for more clear communication. This way of checking with spirit can assist you in understanding what messages are from your mind, and which ones are from your higher guidance.

If you would like to learn more, you may be interested in coming to a group meditation class or speaking with me personally.

Check back in the next newsletter for more ways that we can learn to communicate with our higher selves!

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