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Steps to create your Ideal Life

Within the realm of positive psychology, the concept of the ideal-self represents our vision of the person we aspire to become and the accomplishments we hope to achieve in life, love, health and career.

This ideal life is not about attaining perfection or reaching a fixed destination; rather, it is a constantly evolving image that drives our actions and decisions, leading us to personal growth and fulfillment every day.

Designing Your Ideal Average Day:

To awaken our ideal self and create the essence of our ideal life, we can begin by imagining our ideal average day.

This simple activity helps us slow down to notice who and how we will be once our goals have been achieved. In some ways it is an activity that works backwards from how we imagine life will be once our dreams are actualized. As we take a moment to create our ideal average day we can start to live the life of our dreams and nurture our who and how we want to be in the world.

Steps One to Four:

1. Morning Routine: Visualize the start of your day, including waking up, surroundings, and activities that align with your values and aspirations. What do you have for breakfast? What do you see when you wake up? What lights you up?

2. Workday: Envision your ideal work environment, colleagues, and conversations that contribute to a sense of meaning and fulfillment. What does it feel like? What is important in your day?

3. Self-Care and Growth: Incorporate rituals and activities that promote self-improvement, meditation, exercise, reflection, study, and relaxation. When, what and how do you meet you give to yourself each day?

4. Evening Routine: Imagine how you spend your evenings, the company you keep, and the activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. What are some things you would love to experience most evenings?

How to start

Dreaming about your ideal day is one very important part in changing your life however, the next step is beginning to create your ideal life:

1. What resources/opportunities do you have to help you work toward your ideal self?

2. What hurdles/obstacles do you anticipate? How can these challenges be a part of your growth process?

3. How does this day reflect your vision, your values, your strengths and your passions?


Creating your ideal average day is an opportunity for you to design the life you want to live in each moment. This is a powerful way to identify what is important to you in the every day, and how your ideal self wants to experience life.

If you would like to explore this more, please reach out for a session so we can unveil what lights you up, and support you in moving through any blocks or patters that stand in your way. Coaching can be an incredible tool to support you in implementing these dreams.

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