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The magic of acupressure

What makes Acupressure so magical?

Something deep and ancient within you has excited to learning energy healing - but why acupressure?

One of my teachers said that the call to acupressure is always a call from a past life. I love the sentiment of this and it encouraged me to feel a deep sense of purpose as I pursued my training... However I feel there is something greater than this that calls us.

What is Acupressure?

Let start by exploring what acupressure is before we dive into why I feel like it calls us to study its ancient ways.

The art of acupressure is an Ancient Chinese healing system that preceded acupuncture. It has been practiced for thousand and thousands of years. Traditionally it was used to keep the client healthy, rather than to cure or treat ill health. This was done by combining certain pressure points along the body.

A pressure point is a small area of the skin that connects directly with a meridian, or energy system that runs deep throughout our body. A lovely analogy is to think of each pressure point as a small spring of water that connects a deeper system of water that flows underground and keeps the body, mind and spirit in harmony.

What makes Acupressure so magical?

Each pressure point acts as a bridge between the body mechanics, the mind, spirit and the energy systems. Each time we hold a pressure point it is also opening and balancing the element it connects to. Acupressure works beyond just the body, it connects us with the five elements of Metal, Earth, Fire, Water and Wood. These elements are an extension of how the Ancient Taoist’s saw the world, the seasons and the ultimate balance of all of existence!

What is the magic of Hoku?

Hoku, or the Great Descender is a commonly known pressure point for headaches. It is located on the hand, in the web between the thumb and pointer finger, and it belongs to the Large Intestine meridian.

When you hold this point, the pressure point opens and balances the large intestine physically and metaphorically. Emotionally it helps us to let go, to heal and balance with the father archetype and to open up to our connection with source. Physically this point is about elimination, constipation, headaches, toothaches and toxic negative thoughts to name a few. This meridian also relates to the season of Fall, the element of metal/air and the animalistic nature or our soul.

When we start to look at the full spectrum of the magic of each pressure point, we can start to see that there is much more calling us into this work than simply “healing” a headache. Each pressure point is working with balancing the whole, each pressure point aligns the client with their natural environment, the cycles of life and invites in ultimate harmony.

More than just acupressure?

Here is the thing though, in Fusion Acupressure we are not looking at cause and effect, although you will learn which points support certain conditions, we are learning to treat the body as one whole.

This is what is so magical about acupressure - we are not treating the arm or the hand, we are treating the whole physical, energetic and emotional body while holding a point on the hand. As a studnet and a therapist, you will learn coaching techniques to support the clients goals, meditation techniques to lull them into a hypnotic healing state, energetic techniques to create homeostasis and integration, and so much more!

This is what attracts students to this work, across centuries... we are learning how to hold certain pressure points to open and balance the whole person, to align them with their soul, to the elements to the cycles of life. This ancient wisdom is what calls us to do this work, because as we work with acupressure we are working to align the client within themselves, and within the world, the micro and the macro.

Listen deeply to the “yes”, it is an ancient calling that wants to be remembered.

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