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Transformational Coaching Package

Shifting Habits to Happiness

Do you want to live the life you love ?

This program is here to support you in transforming limiting experiences so that you can feel joy, love, peace, ease, empowered and as if you are the captain of your ship. Together we will support you to shift the direction of your life, your reactions, and your beliefs so that you can claim what is important to you.

Too often we become familiar with the habit of who and how we are. Anxiety and depression hover over us and we lose sight of how we want to feel, we stay small, settle for less, lose our sense of direction, and long to feel love. 

With over 15 years of experience as a natural therapist, Adria provides a safe, intuitive and nurturing space to help you identify limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, grief, loss and bad habits which limit your potential to live the life you love. 

This coaching package will focus on your own personal Self-Mastery.

This means that you will learn about those sneaky hidden beliefs that get in the way of who and how you want to be. You will also learn simple mindset techniques so that you can feel empowered in your day to day .


 The difference between a mediocre life and an extraordinary life is knowing your Self

How we will work together:

  • Shift: Identify what you want and what no longer serves you.

  • Strategy: Create a road map for transformation, identify your needs, values, habits and change your thinking.

  • Mindset: Transform limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss into worthiness, love, peace and your personal call to become.


If you are truly ready and willing to commit to the life you want to live then you are worthy of stepping in and claiming your transformation to joy.


Before you apply, you need to be certain that you are:

  • Committed to choosing the life you want

  • You are coachable, and ready to show up 100%

  • You are resourceful and prepared to find ways to overcome difficulties together.

Are you willing to claim your life, or is it more comfortable staying as you are?

You will be supported 100% for three months. We will work together to identify the life you want to live, transform your blocks and commit to your self mastery.

Together we will unveil what is important to you, so that you can feel empowered in all that you choose.

Touching the Surface

Monthly Transformational Coaching Package Includes:   

100% transformational support each month

Up to 3 x one on one Therapy sessions:

  • Expectations: goals and intentions

  • Transforming limiting beliefs

  • Build strategy

  • Values and our personal compass 

  • Mindset: Retrain thinking, meeting resistance, anxiety, guilt 


up to 2 x half hour coaching sessions

Unlimited x lightening coaching sessions (15 min)

  • ongoing support

  • accountability and reassessing blocks

  • mindfulness home work & activities

  • private and personalised guided meditations



Weekly guidance from the Self Mastery Cards

Email Support 

Total investment:


Retainer: Minimum 3 months commitment then month to month thereafter


$1260 for Three-Month Transformational Package, 

...... $720 month to month there after

How important is it for you live the

life you desire?

Adria's counselling style combines techniques in Transpersonal psychology, Family Systems Theory, CBT, Person centred and Gestalt orientations.


Transpersonal counselling is centred on your spiritual aspects and how you are, and is combined with Family Systems theory of who you became in the family you grew up in. Therefore, during counselling Adria will ask you questions about your current struggle, family history and look at how it may relate to your current situation.


She will also gently introduce intuitive and psycho-spiritual considerations, introduce you to empowering tools that can assist in resolving your current struggle and invite psycho-somatic awareness (mind/ body).


Together, you will examine patterns in your life that you may like to change, look at the beliefs that drive behaviour and perspectives, and explore new options.

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